A lasting impression

Experience the unique synthesis of nature and technology. Look forward to that perfect window with unmistakable design and a luxurious interior appearance!

  • warm, silk-matt natural wood shades und opaque shades indoors
  • also available in fine wood types such as cherry, oak, teak, alder, maple und walnut for a beautiful living atmosphere.
  • wooden surface with a four-fold colour structure for a long useful life
  • powder-coated aluminium shell on the exterior protects these valuable windows from the effects of weather.
  • three seal levels ensure a high level of leak-proofing by way of their optimum reset force.
  • fixed glazings with innovative, outwardly invisible mounting technique
  • very narrow view widths ensure a filigree appearance

At Kneer-Südfenster, you can choose from specially-designed structures such as lifting sliding doors, parallel sliding-tilting doors, parallel sliding doors, folding-sliding doors, swinging leaf, round-arch and segmental-arch windows..

The new generation

AHF 95 Contur
AHF 95 Contur
✔ Completely concealed fittings for the perfect look inside.
✔ High level of basic security due to two additional mushroom-type catches.
✔ The excellent Uw value of up to 0.82 W/m²Kmay be reduced to passive-house levels through the use of special wooden profiles.
AHF 95 Classic
AHF 95 Classic
✔ Three sealing levels with specially developed seals that always return to their original shape are leading to a high tightness.
✔ Tested twist-clip retainers arranged on the window frame in offset rows of two guarantee the enduring bonding of wood and aluminium while increasing protection against break-ins.
AHF 115 Classic
AHF 115 Classic
 ✔ Optimum back-venting of the aluminium cover. The sophisticated design compensates the different material expanding properties.
✔ High-grade aluminium powder coating guarantees long service lives and non-fading colours.
✔ Layer-bonded wooden profiles ensure highest possible stability and stiffness.
AHF 115 Contur
AHF 115 Contur
 ✔ Specially developed corner angles for enduring visually perfect corners on the aluminium sash covering.
✔ Eleven different types of wood for individually designed interiors.
✔ Twelve standard aluminium colours for your facade design.